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Adobe Roadshow News

February 27, 2014 Posted by Ashley Hart

After attending the latest Adobe Roadshow I was delighted to see some great new features. Here is a rundown of some of the best up and coming releases and updates.

Desktop fonts now available across cc apps from type kit

Adobe will be making fonts in the Typekit library available for desktop use, starting with 175 font families from 7 top-tier foundries. You will be able to sync them to your desktop and use them in all your applications for web mockups, print design, word processing, and more. This will offer a significant workflow advantage.

Copy CSS code direct from Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

In a move to help bridge the gap between designer and developer you can  now convert elements from Photoshop and Illustrator direct to CSS code. The CSS is copied to the clipboard and can be pasted into a style sheet. There obviously remains a lot of manual front end coding to be done, the Copy CSS feature does cut out some of the more repetitive tasks.

Photoshop Shapes

A long awaited improvement to the way Photoshop handles shapes is now here. Photoshop will now use Illustrators vector shape rendering engine. This means no more fiddly pen clicks to change shapes. This also means greater and easier customisation of shape attributes such as strokes, fills and corners.

Dreamweaver CC embraces responsive design

There’s no doubt that responsive layouts layouts are the future of multi device Website design. This philosophy is now built  into the new Dreamweaver CC. The enhanced Fluid Grid Layout interface makes much easier to design projects that display on different screen sizes for desktop and devices.

Mobile browsers are about to overtake desktop

An interesting statistic that came out of the conference was around the trend of mobile browsing. It is predicted to be announced this year that for the first time tablet and mobile browsers will overtake desktop browsing.

Edge Animate is gearing up to take over from Flash

Edge Animate, a new motion graphics tool for the web.

There has been much debate of the future of Flash. It’s days are numbered as far as the Web is concerned, but that time may well be many years away. In the meantime ‘Edge Animate’ looks to be a potential contender. With Edge Animate you can create expressive HTML content with greater ease and precision. You can start from a clean slate by animating web graphics you’ve created in Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC and using a broad range of drawing, font, and styling tools. Or, you can add motion and interactivity to existing HTML layouts and templates.

Wireframing in MUSE

Adobe has been very keen to show of ‘MUSE’, (it’s new website creation tool.) Whilst I don’t think it should be used for production Websites, it makes an excellent interactive prototyping tool. With the announcement that Fireworks is to be discontinued and Indesign is seen as more of a magazine publication tool (Digital or otherwise), ‘MUSE’ looks to be the best way to design Website layouts.

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