Grow your audience

With our list management tools you can organize your subscribers with ease andbuild segments based on your own criteria

Automate campaigns

Our automation workflows make it easy to focus your efforts where they count most to deliver timely email campaigns.

Track your success

For every campaign, we provide a detailed set of real-time reports to trackwho opened it, who shared it, and much more.

Create beautiful emails

Use our powerful email builder to design pixel-perfect, branded emails that look incredible in every inbox, on every device.

Deliver relevant content

Send more personal emails to your subscribers by displaying dynamic content for different people based on what you know about them.

Optimise for results

Our automatic A/B testing makes it easy to test subject lines, sender details, and even different email designs.

Email Has a Marketing ROI of 4,300%

Consumers don’t want marketers calling them. They ignore the calls. They don’t want marketers texting them. It seems like an intrusion. Many don’t want marketers to reach out to them on social media or on other platforms, either. When given the option, the large majority of consumers request to be contacted by email. So why wouldn’t you give your audience what they want? It’s best to contact people where they want to be reached, after all. It sure increases your chances of getting your message across.


“4. 77% of Consumers
Prefer Email for


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